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In general, we practice in four primary areas: Family, Criminal Defense, Business Law, Estate Planning, and Probate. The Family Law area includes Juvenile Law and Defense and Wills and Estates. Criminal Defense is just that - defending those accused of a criminal act, be it a misdemeanor or felony; without regard to the individual's innocence. Even a guilty party has the fundamental right to an attorney to defend, at a minimum, the rights of the accused.

With regard to Business Law - we work to ensure business owners are operating within the law and in a framework that provides the best structure for each individual business. We also represent businesses in contract negotiation/formation and contract defense.

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A Word on Fees

We prefer, when possible, a predefined fee for our services. We know of many situations where clients received bills many times what they expected. Fees represent one of the top two complaints to the Board of Professional Responsibility. We make every effort to keep that from happening. Many times these surprises come in the form of additional fees for things like making routine copies, sending faxes, use of legal research tools and the like. We do not bill for these incidental expenses as they are merely part of our representation. This is not to say that there will not be any incidental expenses.

Large copy jobs, personal service of papers on an individual, private investigators, court reporters for depositions, and other expenses will be your responsibility. However, all of these that can be anticipated will be included in our initial "road map." Should additional needs arise during the representation, you will be notified and be part of the decision making process. All such decisions will be communicated to you in our monthly updates so if there is a misunderstanding we can clear it up immediately rather than there being a surprise later.


We believe that technology should decrease the cost of handling your matter rather than increasing it. This is the backbone of our virtual employment methodology. We also understand that each client has a different level of comfort when it comes to the use of technology. While our preferred method of communication of documents and client updates is by email, if this is not how you want to communicate we can always talk on the phone (all phone calls are returned), send documents by facsimile, or correspond by mail.

The use of technology is not without its risks. We are doing everything we can to avoid these risks. All information on portable computers is encrypted, all information is backed up throughout the day, we use secure email methods with virus protection and our web site is scanned daily by two outside agencies for any problems. Our Ask a Lawyer chat feature (top right side of each page) is encrypted. Our intent is to ensure your information is private, secure and accessible.

Going Green

As we are all aware, pollution is a major problem and law offices are known for their use of paper, electricity and other resources. The Law Office of Megan E. Tull is committed to reducing this waste to the fullest extent possible. We shred and recycle all paper that does not have to be retained.

Our office is operated, to the extent possible, in a paperless manner. If you bring documents to us we will not photocopy them, we will scan and store them electronically on our secured servers. We encourage all opposing counsel to send documents to us via email rather than by printing and mailing.

All toner and ink cartridges are recycled and, to the extent possible, we have required our landlord to use energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling. Running in a paperless green environment is not without its costs but we feel it is in everyone's interest to do our part.

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