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Business and Corporate Law

Business and corporate law includes a wide array of matters, including business formation and type (partnership, LLC, or corporation), employment practices, contract drafting and negotiation, banking and lending agreements, and many others.

While many businesses start out as small endeavors with little structure, success can mean growth into larger ventures with larger personal and financial risk, much of which can be avoided by modifying the business structure, creating new business policies and procedures, and reviewing short and long term business plans. At The Law Office of Megan E. Tull, we believe that every business should have an attorney who is familiar with the company and its operations and can be your trusted business partner in both expected events and unexpected crises.

Often, business leaders don't want to deal with attorneys, thinking that attorneys meddle where they shouldn't. Managing Attorney Timothy Tull is well aware of this-he sat on the business side of the desk for more than 20 years, representing the business as it entered into contracts, structured complex lending agreements, dealt with worker's compensation and EEOC hearings, disputed property taxes, and entered into construction contracts (just to name a few). He knows that "business makes sense"-each company has its own rhythm and natural cycles that are unique and not well understood by those who have not been involved with its day-to-day operations. Whether or not you need our firm's services today, we're happy to get to know you and how your company works if you need assistance in the future.

We've seen far too many business owners putting their entire financial life, both business and personal, at risk because they've chosen the wrong business structure or made no decision on proper structure. The difference between a sole proprietorship and an LLC may be a couple of thousand dollars upfront, but the LLC can save and protect the owner's home, car, savings and life. Don't let that happen to you-review the Business Formation and Reformation section on our site and contact us if you need assistance in protecting yourself and your business.

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