Do you have an idea for a new business or plans to expand your existing business? Are you wondering if your business is structured correctly to protect your personal assets? Are you considering terminating a person in a protected group or have you been called in by the EEOC for mediation and want to know more about that process? Do you have an unemployment claim that has been approved and you feel it should have been denied?

With more than twenty years of experience in business operations, Managing Attorney Timothy Tull has been in all these situations-attending EEOC mediations, appearing at unemployment hearings, negotiating loans with banks, and many more situations. If you own or run a small to medium business and need someone to talk to about your business and legal matters, please give us a call at The Law Office of Megan E. Tull. We can tell you what to expect at a hearing, advise on how you might avoid a hearing in the first place, provide strategies to grow your business and explain alternative debt structures.

We do not work with big corporations-they have their own in-house legal staff or have contracts with the big Nashville or New York firms. We're here for the regular business person who needs a little help working through their plans or dealing with a business problem. Give us a call at 615.530.5719 or visit our contact us page. We may just be able to give you the help you need to make your situation easier and your business more profitable.

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