Individual Dispute Resolution

Are you in a dispute with a neighbor, family member, friend or another individual? Is your relationship otherwise good and you really want to put this issue behind you so you can get back to your prior relationship? Maybe it is whether trees overhanging your property, noisy neighbors, how to deal with an elderly parent, a fence that is on your neighbor's property - you name it. If you have reached an impasse in your dispute with another individual, there is another option: discussing the issue with a neutral third party facilitator. At The Law Office of Megan E. Tull, when we work with you to solve disputes, we're not here to determine right or wrong-we're here to set some ground rules, enforce the rules and keep your discussion on track. At some point in the process, if the ground rules permit, the third party may speak separately to the parties or may call for an adjournment until another day to allow both sides to consider their opinion and that of the other party.

This is not for the big problems that need to be litigated. It is for smaller disputes where the parties want to find a solution and have thus far been unsuccessful. If the matter is big enough that the parties are worried about an open and frank discussion of the issues, they need seek a solution in the courts.

The techniques we use at The Law Office of Megan E. Tull are the same as those used in every organization to settle internal disputes. We are merely applying those same techniques and principals to disputes of equals who are individuals. It is a rather simple process and usually only takes a few hours to find a settlement or to determine the parties have deeper issues and need to move on to a more formal counseling process.

If you are in a dispute that you feel might be a candidate for this informal means of resolution, please give us a call at 615.530.5719 or use any of the other means on the Contact Us page. We would like to assist you in finding a resolution.

Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration

Certifications in Mediation and Arbitration are available to Tennessee lawyers and other professionals. The Law Office of Megan E. Tull's Dispute Resolution Practice does not perform formal mediation or arbitration as classified by the Supreme Court of Tennessee. We are not certified in these areas and do not provide these services. We do represent clients in mediation and/or arbitration conducted by those who are certified in these areas. Our process is less formal and not intended as a replacement for either mediation or arbitration and we refer some disputes to those who are certified in these areas. Nothing contained herein should be construed as dispute resolution being either mediation or arbitration.

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