Misdemeanors are sometimes thought of as the lesser crimes. However, spending 11 months and 29 days in jail can hardly be considered lesser punishment. Likewise, paying fines of $2,500 and more coupled with significant amounts of time in jail are hardly lesser when you are the one who is paying and serving the time.

Many people do not feel they need an attorney for these minor crimes-at least until they are sentenced as described above. What you need to know is the long jail sentences and large fines can often be avoided by an attorney who is looking after your interest. Sometimes the stop and search by the police officer was unconstitutional or the wrong charge is being brought for the action taken. These are just a few examples of how knowing the law and carefully examining each case, from being stopped to release can make a significant difference in the penalty.

Another aspect of misdemeanors centers on the fact the state is overloaded with serious cases to bring to trial and the misdemeanor cases are the most likely to be the subject of plea bargains. However, you must know what is reasonable to plead guilty to and what punishment to accept for that plea.

Having an attorney on your side in these cases can mean the difference between 11 months and 29 days and a few days in jail, probation and paying a reasonable fine. Finding the weak points in the state's case coupled with knowing how to present a plea agreement can make the difference.

Many law firms do not make time for misdemeanor cases. Tull & Marshall, An Association of Attorneys wants to hear about your case and see if we can help. There are some cases where the arresting officer did everything "by the book" and the state is focusing on the offense and therefore not interested in plea agreements. If this is the case, we will tell you so. If you still want us to represent you, we will do the best we can to structure a plea agreement that works for you.

In the other cases, the ones where we can find a mistake in the process or know the state will plead the case down, we will work to get you the very best deal possible. You will not know the difference unless you call us at 615.530.5719. We make appointments during normal business hours and evenings or weekends when necessary.

Notice to Immigrants

Immigrants: Never plead guilty to a criminal charge without consulting an attorney. Doing so will have serious consequences on your immigration status. Call our office at 615.530.5719 for an evaluation of your case if you have been charged with any crime.

Inmigrantes: Nunca se declare culpable de un cargo criminal sin consultar a un abogado. Si esto sucede, tendrá consecuencias graves sobre su estatus migratorio. Llame a nuestra oficina al 615.530.5719 para una evaluación de su caso si usted ha sido acusado de algún delito.