Probate of Wills and Intestate Estates

Death of a family member can be the most challenging time in a family's life, and the least desirable time to deal with legal matters. Whether your loved one had a Will or passed without a Will, please consider turning over the matter to The Law Office of Megan E. Tull Senior Associate Megan E. Tull. She is well-accustomed to the process of probating a Will or probating intestate in the county in which the decedent resided. Probate need not be a threatening process, and is less expensive and time-consuming for family members than you may think. Probate serves several purposes, including but not limited to allowing for administration of the estate under the Will, in absence of a Will, transferring title of assets to beneficiaries or distributees, and alerting potential creditors of their statutory time limit within which to file a claim. Probate of an estate can be a relatively short and beneficial process. Please contact us to help guide you on how to, or even if to, open probate for an estate.