Parent/School Dispute Resolution

Are you in a dispute with your child's school? Do you feel some aspect of the school system is not serving your child's needs or your child has been singled out? If you have tried to find a resolution with the school directly and have been unable to, The Law Office of Megan E. Tull is pleased to help. The school system is large and has resources that may exceed yours. School records are very important and have can have a serious impact on your child's future. Having an attorney in your corner helps to even the playing field and may help to defuse some of the emotion and replace it with problem solving. Schools do not want to be in adversarial positions with students but sometimes, in upholding the school board rules, disputes happen.

Do not let a dispute with the school go too far. With today's "zero tolerance," it is far too easy for the school to settle the dispute by transferring your child to an alternative school. Let us help you and the school find a solution, one that everyone involved can find both reasonable and just.

If you are in a dispute with your child's school that you feel is escalating to the point where a resolution is not close at hand, please give us a call at 615.530.5719 or use any of the other means on the Contact Us page. We would like to assist you in finding a resolution.

Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration

Certifications in Mediation and Arbitration are available to Tennessee lawyers and other professionals. The Law Office of Megan E. Tull's Dispute Resolution Practice does not perform formal mediation or arbitration as classified by the Supreme Court of Tennessee. We are not certified in these areas and do not provide these services. We do represent clients in mediation and/or arbitration conducted by those who are certified in these areas. Our process is less formal and not intended as a replacement for either mediation or arbitration and we refer some disputes to those who are certified in these areas. Nothing contained herein should be construed as dispute resolution being either mediation or arbitration.

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